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Gladiator review

Posted : 6 years, 7 months ago on 11 June 2015 12:22 (A review of Gladiator)

Gladiator is one of those films that is always held in high regard. I think when people look back on this film they just reflect on how badass Russell Crowe is in this. I think one thing people tend to overlook is that this movie kind of drags.

There are things to like about this film, but I found myself constantly checking how much longer the movie was going to run. There are some movies that are long and you don't really mind it, however this was not one of those movies. The characters are likable enough, the story is good, the acting is great, but there was just too much going on outside of the main protagonist and his story that was just kind of agonizing. The viewer is given a bloodlust, you want to see Crowe kick more butt and be awesome but the filmmakers want you to work for that, so you have to sit through some mediocre scenes. Those scenes however build up to some really exciting fight scenes. When Crowe goes into Gladiator mode IT...IS...ON!! When watching him you feel like you're right there in the arena cheering for him. The music, the cinematography, it was all well done to give the feel of the times and take you into the scene.

Joaquin Phoenix is a great actor, and he was great in his role. One thing that I'm really glad the filmmakers did was that they didn't make the character a wimp. While he was soft compared to Maximus, Phoenix's character had combat training as well. So when they go head to head, it's not just a one sided fight.

With great arena scenes, great acting from our two main stars. Gladiator was a good movie that had too much around it. I wouldn't watch the whole thing over again, however I will keep the awesome parts in my head and like I said at the start Crowe's badassness is this film's legacy.

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Rio review

Posted : 6 years, 7 months ago on 11 June 2015 12:00 (A review of Rio)

Rio is one of those animated movies that didn't instantly pop out to me as one of those I'd enjoy watching. It was released in 2011 and I ended up watching the film in 2015. I am the type that could enjoy animated movies as long as they are well done. Character development and story are important to me no matter what and when it comes to animated movies the quality of the animation plays a role in the level of my enjoyment as well.

I've got to say that Rio's animation is on point. I cannot complain about it. It's all pretty smooth and doesn't look cheap at all. The plot of the movie overall was decent and there were enough laughs in it for me to really enjoy myself while watching it. I didn't feel bored with it.

When watching an animated movie one of the games I like to play is guess who's voices are in the movie. I was delighted to find a few actors that I actually like lending their voice to the characters. I feel like Jesse Eisenberg's voice is just kind of weird for an animated movie, it didn't really make the character anymore likable. Sure he sounded neurotic and that's what the character embodies but Eisenberg wouldn't had been my choice voice, every other voice was well done though. I was excited to hear Tracy morgan's voice in this but the amount of drool his character gave off was disgusting and distracting from anything the character did I really couldn't understand why he needed to drool so much.

While it was a pretty good movie and I did enjoy, To me the rewatch factor is pretty low. I'd watch it if it was on TV and i was really bored but i would not make the conscious decision to go and put RIO on. If you've been holding off watching it and enjoy these types of animated movies then there's no doubt you'd enjoy it. In end Rio proved it wasn't anything to rush to watch however it was pleasant to sit through and was pretty enjoyable overall.

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Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace review

Posted : 9 years, 6 months ago on 21 July 2012 06:04 (A review of Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace)

I hadn't seen the movie in a few years and I was always defending it because I liked it, but now after recently watching it again, I find myself disliking it. Sorry episode one, I will no longer defend you (like it mattered anyway).

One thing that is always brought up when people complain about "The phantom menace" is Jar Jar. To me Jar Jar Binks was not the worst part of the movie. In my opinion the worst part is the acting from Anakin. He was terrible, If this was what was chosen for the movie I would really hate to see the rejects from the auditions. The kid delivers lines so carlessly, it really is like watching a grade school play whenever this kid is on screen. I would be enjoying the movie and then he speaks and totally ruins it.

The rest of the actors do a decent job. Ewan mcgregor's character is bland but he really just does the best he can with the character. Liam neeson is another one who tried to work with a character that was just meh. Decent acting props to Anakin's mother as well, she did fine. Natalie portman was another one who gets effort points because she did do a good job, but again the writing and character was the flaw.

I will mention that the visuals are really good, so that's a plus. The movie overall had some decent moments. But that's what it is, a long movie with a few decent moments. This is the second time I have watched this movie since it's release and I'm pretty sure I will end up watching it again in the future. The decent moments, visuals, and fact that it's attached to the Star Wars franchise gives it a likely rewatch factor. But those reasons does not mean it's a good movie, it's an acceptable movie for those moments when you can get yourself to say "Let me give Episode one another chance".

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Kung Pow! Enter the Fist review

Posted : 9 years, 8 months ago on 21 May 2012 12:06 (A review of Kung Pow! Enter the Fist)

I saw this movie, in the the movie theatre when I was in junior highschool. I remember feeling that the movie was stupid and I don't recall liking it very much. But recently I saw a clip on youtube that I found VERY funny. This sparked my interest and I thought I will give it another shot. My tastes have changed so perhaps I will enjoy it. Enjoy it, I DID! With this film it really is about the words used, it is all re-dubbed so while we are watching a kung fu film we are getting nothing but hilarity from the voice actors. If you appreciate random comedy, this film really is for you. There are a lot of people that find this movie stupid and will not give it a try, and at one point I thought that the movie was stupid and I won't like it. But now I'm saying "it is stupid and I DO like it!"

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No Country For Old Men review

Posted : 9 years, 8 months ago on 20 May 2012 11:55 (A review of No Country For Old Men)

This is a great movie. It is visually satisfying, and the characters are all very interesting. The viewer will really get caught up in the intensity and suspense throughout the film. Each time I have watched this film, I have felt the same way each and every time. A truly satisfying movie. This is not a spoiler: The ending has left some people with a bad taste in their mouth but do not let that take anything away from the film. Although some may feel there are slow points in the film, I feel that it is engaging and interesting all through out. I say that because the body language from the actors and the scenery add to the movie. Not much needs to be said at certain points in the film for you to get the message the filmmakers wanted to convey. Great performances from the actors.

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Krush Groove (1985) review

Posted : 10 years, 5 months ago on 2 August 2011 06:28 (A review of Krush Groove (1985))

Krush Groove is a movie I walked in on. My father was watching it, so I sat down to see what it was. He eventually got up to do other things but I was stuck to my seat. I had to finish it. The story is quite interesting because you get a sense of true life in it, you know that this is either a story that the members of Run DMC actually experienced or they know someone that experienced it and had to make it into a movie. It's mostly drama consisting of love, betrayal and greed exposing a dark side of gaining fame,but there is also comic relief with an intertwining story involving the fat boyz. There are musical numbers involved but I wouldn't consider it a musical (but then again, someone had to tell me that Tenacious D and the Pick of destiny was a musical). As far as characters go there is the arrogant young star, the business man, the boys who just want to get famous, and the hustler looking to hustle. The acting is pretty good considering they're mostly rappers. The re-watch value of this movie is moderate, it's the type of movie I'd watch again probably in a few years but not something that I am eager to run and watch one more time.

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Ip Man review

Posted : 10 years, 5 months ago on 2 August 2011 06:07 (A review of Ip Man)

Ip Man is a film that i would have never watched on my own. My father constantly recommended that I watch it with him, so I checked it out and was pleasantly surprised. What I saw was a very watchable martial arts story. Donnie Yen is skilled in his crafts of both acting and martial arts. His character Ip Man comes off as a very caring heartfelt man, and with so much tragedy going on around him he can only stay quiet for so long. The fight scenes are at times gruesome but for the most part they are impressive with the speed, and style at which he (yen) performs. But there is blood and bones breaking so be warned. The viewer can really get behind Yen's character and cheer him on as he does what he thinks is the right thing to do. The re-watch value is moderate, I would watch this movie again only to convince someone to watch the film, I'd enjoy watching as someone realizes that a film they would have slept on is actually quite good.

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The Lost World: Jurassic Park review

Posted : 10 years, 5 months ago on 2 August 2011 05:54 (A review of The Lost World: Jurassic Park)

I hadn't seen this movie for a few years so I was just going off of some scenes that I had remembered. That's what this movie is good for a cool scene here and there. This Jurassic Park film didn't give much for the viewer to care about. We were suddenly tossed into a world where Malcolm (the suave playboy that was hitting on Grant's woman in the first JP) is going steady with Julianne Moore, and has a bi-racial daughter. Then it all moves so quickly with him being coaxed into visiting a second...yes, a second site where the dinosaurs were being kept. Besides certain cool scenes this movie was lacking a good writer, someone that could have worked better on 1) the characters and 2) the concept. I am a fan of the first Jurassic Park so it's disappointing that The Lost World could not follow up the first properly. The re-watch value is pretty decent considering this is like the third time I've seen the movie since it's release. But the viewings are spaced apart drastically to the point where it's failings seem to have faded in my mind. But once you watch it, you realize that it's not as good as the first movie, and that it's kind of lame. It's a disappointment to a true movie fan. But some viewers may enjoy it simply for the dinosaur action.

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The Fighter review

Posted : 10 years, 5 months ago on 2 August 2011 02:23 (A review of The Fighter)

It was Christian Bale that really had me sold on wanting to watch this movie. I personally enjoy his acting and feel that he really gives his all to his roles. He did a great job, but that is not to down play Mark Wahlburg. This is the movie that I said to myself "Mark Wahlburg isn't that bad of an actor" now take that however way you want, I am just not going to knock the guy's acting from now on after watching this movie. I have never seen Amy Adams exhibit her acting but I did enjoy her performance. The drama going on with Wahlburg's character's family is as real as it gets, watching some of the arguments, and confrontations are just as awkward as if we were sitting in the room with them. The movie has the realistic feel of "The Wrestler" as well as a bit of Martin Scorsese's style. There is hardly any re-watch value. It's an interesting drama but I am not eager to watch it again. If I did it would be to analyze the acting in it.

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Date Night review

Posted : 10 years, 5 months ago on 2 August 2011 02:07 (A review of Date Night)

During my first viewing of the film, I was going to tap out and turn it off but boy am I glad I didn't. Tina Fey and Steve Carell in a movie seems like a hilarious film on paper but instead they churn out a really decent comedy. I am not bashing the movie, I'm just saying it didn't reach the high standard that I set for them but that is because I was expecting Michael Scott and Liz Lemon (Carell and Fey's characters from The Office and 30 Rock respectively) to be on display. But once you accept their characters as an average married couple then you realize that they did it the best that they could. There are points in the film where you can tell that Fey and Carell got to do their own thing and those are really the high points, and it is enough to make you sit through the entire movie. Besides comedy this movie has action, drama,crime, and fast cars although those things make up the movie they are not the things that keep you into the movie. While the major storyline involves our couple getting entangled in an elaborate scheme it's the reaction to everything that fey and carell do well in. The re-watch value is moderate. As I said before you sit through most of the movie waiting for the laughs, they're worth the wait but once the laugh is over it's more waiting. I watched it again looking forward to the parts that I enjoyed and to see if perhaps that feeling of sitting through the film instead of enjoying it would change but it didn't. This movie did not leave me with a bad after taste because once it was done I knew I wanted to watch it again. But I was just thinking about the high points of the film and not the entire movie. I'm not rushing to recommend this film, It takes a certain type of viewer to watch it.

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